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2021 FutureStars Elite Combine Selection Registration


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About the Combine

This event will be an incredible opportunity for players to showcase their talents in front of US and Canadian Universities. We are selecting the top 120 soccer player prospects in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada. This event will showcase the player’s ability and talent in front of the most prominent NCAA D1, D2, NAIA, NJCAA, OUA, OCAA, and MLS academy programs. Also MLS, USL, CPL and pro agents in attendance.


Information about the Combine

Date:  December 13th - 15th 2021

Time: 9am- 5pm

Location: Ontario Soccer Centre: 7601 Martin Grove Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9E4


Players will be invited and/or selected to showcase their talents. The players will be a make-up of the top players out of high school, top senior high school players, top JUCO players, players from 4 year schools looking to transfer.

The players will be broken down into four teams. The teams will play each other once each over the course of the three days. There will be four games per day

Upon arrival, each coach will receive a detailed player package that outlines age, GPA, background information and NCAA eligibility.  This will make player inquiry easy and convenient.


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